Quality Management

L&W delivers high-pressure compressors and the complementary modules for purification, storage and filling of breathing air.

Highest quality and continuous development and improvement of our products are our most significant target in the implementation of our daily tasks.

Therefore, we meet all EU requirements as a standard and are certified to DIN ISO 9001. On requested, our products could also be certified by other authorities such as TÜV, Germanischer Lloyd, DNV, GOST, UDT or ABS.

In the field of air supply, we serve a broad range of users, such as firefighters in action, sports and professional divers. These customers must be able to trust unconditionally in the exercise of their activities on the quality and safety of our products.

Our employees are aware of their responsibilities and they have the task to reach with expertise and experience the enormous needs of the market. Through continuous in-house quality control we face new challenges every day.