Available in 2 versions, large and small. The Mixmaster HP panels have an HP breathing air inlet with isolation valve and pressure reducer that safely reduces the HP supply down to the desired LP inlet pressure. The HP version has a large filter for air conditioning to ensure that the membrane is supplied with oil-free air, this reduces the risk of membrane contamination. The HP solution has the advantage of using pure breathing air to feed the membrane, this reduces the risk of membrane contamination.

The investment cost are lower than a LP solution, but the running costs are higher. 2 HP compressors offer the ideal solution with redundancy for professional diving centres. If only 1 HP compressor is available then a higher capacity storage will be necessary.



Technical Data

Mixmaster HP

Inlet Pressure [bar]: 50 > 350 bar (G¼” female)
Membrane inlet pressure LP [bar]: 4 > 11 (11.5 bar safety valve)
Outlet to compressor (air/nitrox): G1” female
Air inlet (for air filling operations): G1” female
Dimensions W x H x D [mm]: 650 x 1150 x 300
Weight [kg]: 75