Inert Gas Compressors

We delivers high-pressure compressors and the complementary modules for purification, storage and filling.

High performance complete solutions for reliable compression, purification, storage and recovery of inert gases such as helium and argon. This compressor series provides economic efficiency to the maximum due to loss-free compression by means of returning condensation and leak gases.

Take profit of our many years of experience in planning and construction of special systems for applications such as helium recovery, filling plants and different test plants as well as various other helium applications.

Type From To
Inlet pressure atmospheric 150 bar (2100 psi)
Delivery capacity 6 m3/h (3,5 cfm) 700 m3/h (420 cfm)
Final pressure 10 bar (140 psi) 420 bar (6100 psi)

We individually calculate compressor and drive power according to your application requirement. In this way, we perform the best possible efficiency and highest economic feasibility for you.

Standard equipment
  • Sturdy steel frame, powder coated (liquid coating optional)
  • Operating panel with start/stop and condensation test controls, final pressure gauge and hours counter
  • Automatic stop at final pressure
  • Automatic condensate drain
  • All pistons c/w steel piston rings at all stages
  • Hardened compression cylinders
  • Gas-tight intake filter
  • Oil lubrication
  • Oil- / Water separators after each stage
  • Inlet buffer tank 20 - 90 l (depending on version), incl. safety valve, manual condensate drain valve, pressure gauge and electrical cut-off solenoid for inlet gas
  • Filter system at the compressor
  • Safety valves after each stage
  • Final pressure safety valve with TÜV (German supervising authorities) acceptance test
  • Pressure maintaining and non return valve, HP outlet
  • HP outlet with HP hose (connection: M16 x 1.5 / 10 l)
  • Return of condensation and leak gases
  • Primary pressure calibration to adjust the desired inlet pressure
  • Inlet buffer tank 150 l, incl. safety valve, manual condensate drain valve, pressure gauge and electrical cut-off solenoid for inlet gas
  • Primary pressure monitoring - pressure shut off at max./min. inlet pressure
  • Electronic Compressor Control - ECC
  • Auto start for semi / full automatic mode
  • Inter-stage pressure gauge
  • Oil pressure gauge and monitoring c/w auto shut down
  • Puracon filter monitoring
  • Compressor block heating for ambient temperature < +5°C
  • 420 bar version
  • Water cooling with stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Filter extension (larger or second filter housing)


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