Our History

Lenhardt & Wagner is one of the leading and renowed companies in the market of high-pressure applications.

The app control (Remote Tab Control) is expanded and developed as a Windows-based system called Remote Pro Control. The Compressors can be controlled and monitored on any Windows-based system such as a laptop, notebook, tablet, PC or industrial displays by WIFI. 32,000 storable data units allow recordings per second, minute, hour or day in real time. Remote maintenance, adjustments and the display of all machine parameters are possible location-independent.

The compressor portfolio is expanded with the SC series. Classic compressors with simple compressor controls are offered in an attractive anthracite grey. Proven L&W technology is used for delivery rates from 180 liters / minute up to 900 liters / minute.

The successful blocks of the 150-250 MC series are also available as a silent version. L&W offers low delivery rates with the LW 150 ES and the LW 200 ES, with a long filter service life up to 100 hours at 20°C.

L&W released the 1st compressor control worakable by an App control. This offers the possibility to control the compressor by a 10“ tablet. Customers are able to learn more about the compressor parameters from now on and are free to analyse their own filling requirements.

New development of a small compressor block up to 250 l/ min. The innovative design enables a very slim construction. Compressors can be offered with delivery rates of 150 l / min, 200 l / min or 250 l / min. These mobile units can be offered with all possible options of the stationary series. This is the 1st time, an oil pump can also be optionally ordered for small delivery capacities.

New mobile and stationary PURACON systems for breathing air monitoring can in addition to the water content also check the value of CO / CO2 / O2 and oil in the compressed air. For the first time the monitoring of all required limits according to the European standard for breathing air EN 12021: 2014 is now possible.

Introduction of the advanced compressor series LW 450 III and LW 570 II.
A new industry-proven lubrication system and reinforced components form the core of the new compressor blocks and improve the life of the compressors even under most difficult conditions.

The new and ultra-light MC Series is presented on the BOOT 2015 with a capacity of up to 400 ltr/min we presented the world's most powerful mobile breathing air compressor. The completely newly developed compressor block has been built almost antimagnetic and with all our experience from the last 30 years.

With the new LW 450 ES II we introduced the next generation of silenced compressors, they have a newly developed condensate system which significantly improves the life of the filter. Also includes the new ES Series II as a standard the condensate collection tank.

The new PURACON MOBIL Series completes the range of humidity monitoring, now also availible for mobile compressors.

Extension of the compressor series LW 230 / 280 up to a capacity of 320 l/min. New developed compressor models: LW 320 E Nautic / LW 320 B Nautic / LW 320 E Compact, LW 320 E and LW 320 ES.

Development of large high-pressure compressors up to 30.000 m3/h, with a max. pressure up to 420 bar.

Moving to the new Headquarters in Lampertheim-Hüttenfeld. The capacity was expanded and the new location offers about 14,000 m² enough potential for future growth.

Start planning a new production site. Formula 1 Teams like Ferrari, Torro Rosso and Red Bull trust in the technology of L&W.

After coverage of the European market, L&W expanded the sales area on the Asia-Pacific market. Presentation of the long-expected "LW100 E" which convinced with a solid design. Revision of the range "LW210" to "LW230", "LW 260" to "LW 280", implementation of the LW570 E / ES.

L&W entry into the industry and natural gas market with the development of the “LW720 E". First natural gas filling stations are equipped with L&W compressors. For complete coverage of the CNG market L&W presented the "LW1300 E" as the top of the product range.

The model series "LW260 E" and "LW260 ES" go with great success on the market, also the product range is continually expanding. Compressors such as the "LW 210 E / ES" and "Compact" series follow up.

The production of exhaust systems ends and L&W is focused from now on only on high-pressure applications.

The cooperation with Auer Berlin (now MSA Auer) and L&W started. Launch of "LW450 ES" Silent compressor with only 62dB. Expansion of the production line for compressors.

Development of the first L&W high-pressure compressor "LW 450 E". The models “LW160" and "LW225" followed with electric or gasoline engine.

Start of sales and overhauling of high pressure compressors.

Wolfgang Lenhardt and Bernd Wagner found the company L&W. Focus is the development and manufacture of exhaust systems and the optimization of engines for motorcycles.1975