The newly developed L&W Remote Tab Control (RTC) enables innovative control of the compressor unit via our “My L&W” app and also features a removable 10” tablet. If you like to supervise your filling activities, customize various display options, get information about upcoming service intervals, filter changes or your last fills, by using our Remote Tap Control you are always at the height of your high pressure activities.


Consists of
  • 10“ tablet c/w full-HD display (back-up control w/o tablet possible)
  • Control board incl. 2.8“ LCD - display on compressor / switch box
  • „My L&W“ app
  • Pressure sensor for auto start / stop operation
  • Sensor for ambient temperature
  • Phase control device
  • One potential-free contacts for collective fault messages (changeover contact)
  • Emergency operation (operation without circuit board possible)
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Half & fully automatic operation modes
  • Min/max limits adjustable individually
  • Condensate-, leak- and safety valve test function
  • Safety valve test function
  • Ambient temperature analyses c/w automatic shut down
  • Phase monitoring c/w start prevention
  • Compressor start counter
  • Start- & cycle counter for auto. condensate drain
  • Timer for next condensate drain
  • Hour counter for compressor and filter cartridge
  • Graphical representation of machine parameters (Download for 96 h via Screenshots possible)
  • Widgets for permanent display of four chosen machine parameters
  • Display / Timer of fill time [min]
  • Service intervals c/w counter
  • Pin lock (4 user stages)
  • Dynamic pressure and temperature units selectable
  • Unlimited alarm memory in log data (sendable by E-Mail)
  • Training-, maintenance- and breathing air certificate (incl. digital signature) creatable with delivered tablet and sendable by E-Mail
  • Languages: German / English / French / Italian / Spanish / Russian / Chinese
  • Display / monitoring of pressures (stages / oil)
  • Display / monitoring of temperatures (cylinder heads / oil)
  • Display / monitoring of humidity level
  • Additional remote display